Thursday, January 24, 2008

Week #1

Okay, here we go.

Here are this week's SUPER CHEAP and FREE stuff:

Smith's Food & Drug
Farmland sausage links--on sale for $1.00 each--FREE with $1 off coupon (1/20/08)

Scott bath tissue 4-pk--on sale for $1.00 each--FREE with $1 off coupon (1/13/08)
Yoplait yogurt--on sale for $0.39 each--only $0.32 each with $0.40/6 off coupon (1/6/08)
Skippy peanut butter 16 oz--on sale for $1.00--only $0.63 each with $0.75/2 off coupon(1/13/08)
Ragu spaghetti or alfredo sauce--on sale for $1.00 each--only $0.75 each with $0.25 off coupon (1/13/08)

Remember, Albertson's and Smith's sales go from Wednesday-Tuesday each week (ads come out Tuesdays in your mailbox), but Macey's, RiteAid, and Walgreen's go from Sunday-Saturday (ads come with your Sunday paper). I want to hear about your successes, so come back and leave comments so we can all CHEER YOU ON! You'll get better at couponing the more you do it, so hang in there! Let me know if you have any questions! Good luck!

The week is just about over, so get out there and SAVE!

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Mindy said...

Jo, you crack me up! I think this is a GREAT idea and am anxious to read it all and get ready for when we move back and I can start shopping at places that have more than a "one serving" size of ANYTHING! Can't wait to hear all your adventures!