Tuesday, February 26, 2008

More Time?

If you have more time than money, then this is the bracelet for you! It's made from sterling silver beads and EXPIRED COUPONS! Yay! I just love seeing how people make something from almost nothing! Think you could do this?

To see more of these creations, go HERE.


Chris & Allie said...

JO, you are funny. ;)

Kami said...

Reminds me of the beaded necklaces we used to make out of magazine pages in Jr. High!

Mimi and Papa in Provo said...

They definitely have too much time on their hands!

Tara Fears said...

Joanna, You know what I keep thinking I want to do? Make a list of all the foods that I buy on a fairly regular basis...with a "GOOD" price so when I go to the store, I'll know if the sale is a good sale price or not...you know? Maybe you can do that for me?!? ;) There are SO many times I'm at the store and don't NEED the item I see is on sale, but WILL need it in the future...but I'm not really sure if it's a GOOD deal (like BUY NOW) or if I might as well just wait. You know? I'm still totally learning all this stuff (and it doesn't help that I'm a VERY SLOW LEARNER!)

Mimi and Papa in Provo said...

Things I've found out about WALGREENS:
1. Sometimes they will ring it up so you can use two coupons on the BOGIT items. Save those items until last and ask them specifically about it BEFORE they ring it up to see if they can help you out.
2. It helps to have the IN-AD coupons cut out before you go to the store and for sure BEFORE you start the checkout process. If you don't then it gets too hectic. Just put the IN-AD coupon with the manufacturers coupon for that item or items and hand it to the cashier at the same time as theyh are ringing them up. They may still wait to put them in until the end but it helps them survey things as they are checked out.
3. Don't go to the store without checking the CLEARANCE signs in the aisles and at the end of the row. Sometimes they have great deals. This week I saw some hairspray for a national brand on the clearance for 75% off and then I had a .50 coupon....it cost me $.27 at checkout.
4. This makes a good argument for ALWAYS TAKING YOUR COUPON BINDER with you even though you have already "pulled" your coupons. These LAST CHANCE sales can be some of your best savings.
5. Don't forget to SEND IN YOUR REBATES BEFORE THE FINAL DATE because you can't do these online. To help you organize for rebates a. get a Easy Saver book of deals and rebates at the beginning of the month. b. save ALL your WALGREENS receipts with the book until about the 24th of the month. Make a note to look through all the WALGREENS receipts on that day and to fill out the REBATE form you'll find in the middle of the book. Determine from what's on sale that week if you are making one more trip to WALGREENS before the deadline for postmarking your request. If you're done for the month then send it out right then. If you are going to pick up any more rebates for the month then do it within the next 24 hrs and put your receipts and form in the mail so as not to miss the deadline. Note: if you are one or two days late go ahead and send what you have in anyway since sometimes they will honor them anyway. It's worth it....especially if you have a lot of rebates and they mount up to $5 and above. Don't loose your "saving edge" by forgetting your rebates or impulse shopping that uses us your savings anyway. It's a great feeling to get a bargain!