Monday, February 18, 2008

Week #5

I'm not hearing enough feedback from all you crazy coupon chicks out there, which makes my job a little less fun. I'd LOVE to hear more from you!

Before I get going, I want to remind you that you can save yourself some time and gas money by going to Walmart. They will price-match if you can show the ad for the exact item. However, they will not match an "after-rebate" price. Also, a reminder that you can only get a single check rebate for ONE same item at RiteAid, unless otherwise specified. Make sense?

Here are the deals for this week:

Olay Bath Bars 2-pk--on sale for $1.50--BETTER THAN FREE with $2 off coupon (2/10/08)
Garnier Color Breaks Hair Color--FREE after single check rebate
Leggs Sheer Energy, Sheer Vitality or Silken Mist nylons--on sale for $1.99--only $0.99 with $1 off coupon (way back on 9/30/07)
Irish Spring Bar Soap 3-pk--on sale for $0.97--only $0.67 with $0.30 off coupon (2/3/08)
Softsoap Hand Soap 7.5 oz--on sale for $0.97--only $0.62 with $0.35 off coupon (2/3/08)
Tic Tac Mints--on sale for $0.50--only $0.22 with $0.55/2 coupon (1/27/08)
Electrasol Automatic Dishwasher Detergent--on sale for $0.99 after single check rebate--only $0.64 with $0.35 coupon (2/10/08) after single check rebate
Palmolive Dish Liquid--on sale for $0.79--only $0.54 with $0.25 off coupon (2/3/08)
Kleenex Facial Tissue 80-120 ct--on sale for $0.88--only $0.71 with $0.50/3 coupon (1/6/08)
Scott Paper Towels 15-pk--on sale for $8.99--only $7.99 with $1 off coupon (1/13/08)

Oust Air Sanitizer 10 oz--on sale for $2--FREE with $2 coupon (2/10/08)

Lysol Sprays assorted 22-32 oz--on sale for $2.25--only $0.25 each with $2 off coupon (2/3/08)

Gillette Venus Embrace Razor--BETTER THAN FREE (they'll pay YOU $2) with $2 off coupon (2/17/08) after mail rebate
Gillette Fusion Phenom Razor Manual or Power--BETTER THAN FREE with $4 off coupon (2/10/08) after $6 register rewards
Sunsilk Hair Care Shampoo, Conditioner, Stylers--on sale for $2.34--only $0.84 each with $1.50 off coupon (1/13/08) after $3 register rewards on 3
Lysol Antibacterial Kitchen 22-32 oz--on sale for $1.89--only $0.89 with $1 off coupon (2/17/08)
Lysol Toilet Bowl Cleaner--on sale for $1.40--only $0.90 with $0.50 off coupon (1/6/08)

Remember to get a raincheck if the store is temporarily out of an item. Ream's in Springville is having some amazing deals on their produce this week. Let me know if you're interested and I'll post those, too! Have a great week!


Ang said...

I just found your site through Jana's blog. I have a question.
Are these coupons coming from your Sunday paper where you live? Can I find these same deals in Washington? Any help is appreciated! You're amazing.

Chris & Allie said...

Good sale at Albertson's if you can get there and still get stuff. Hamburger is $1.48 per lb. and cheese is .99. Today only.

Team Hanni said...

Jo - if I could pull my head out of the toilet, I would be getting some serious grocery deals. I appreciate all of your hard work sooooooo much. Hopefully soon I will be counting my rebates and using my coupons once again.......

Sorry I have been a non-commenter......

Joanna said...

Ang, I see your comments all the time on Jana's site. Nice to meet you! Check out for deals in your home state. Click on "Screaming Deals by State" and go down to Washington. I haven't used that site much, but I've heard that people have had success there. Good luck! Wish I could help you out more!