Sunday, April 6, 2008

I give up!

I am still couponing, of course, but I have decided to give up blogging about it because it seems to be taking up too much of my time. However, I'm not just going to leave you high and dry...I'm referring you to my favorite "coupon-er" websites. It's called and it's primarily for those of us living in Utah. Another site I've heard is good (and is a nationwide shopper site) is called Keep clipping and keep saving! I know you can do it!


Ang said...

I'm so sad, but I totally get it.

Good to know about the websites, especially since I'm moving to Utah in Aug. We're going to be college students again!! (My husband is getting his MBA)

April Gould said...

i am really sad you are not blogging anymore

Evie's Story said...

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