Monday, March 24, 2008

No coupons, but still deals!

It's kind of a bummer when you find ZERO coupons in the Sunday paper because of a holiday. BUT, there are still some deals that I thought you'd be interested in. Click on these links for 40% off or MORE! (Make sure you look at the rating next to the item...a WOW! means it is the BEST deal!)

Walgreen's best deals
RiteAid best deals
Macey's best deals (10% off all frozen food items you can fit into provided paper bags!)
KMart best deals
There weren't any ads in the paper for ShopKo or Target, but you can CLICK HERE to view Target's ad online.

Did anybody have fun buying cereal at Albertson's last week? Remember that the sale goes through Tuesday, so if you haven't gone yet, GET GOING!! Have a great week!

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