Thursday, March 20, 2008

Cereal Schmereal

If you haven't gone to Albertson's yet this week, GET THERE and get there FAST! They are having an amazing sale on Kellogg's cereal! If you buy 7 boxes of cereal, a catalina coupon prints out at checkout for $10 OFF YOUR NEXT ORDER! I know what you're thinking...that may not be the best deal because the original price of the cereal is probably high to start with. Nope, wrong! Many cereal varieties are 3/$5, which means $1.67 each, which means after your $10 coupon, you have a FABULOUS deal!

Last night I went to check out the sale, but was a little disappointed to find that none of the "normal" Frosted Mini-Wheats were actually 3/$5. The ones that were on sale were the Cinnamon or Strawberry ones. Well, since cinnamon didn't tempt me, I decided to try the strawberry.THEY ARE AWESOME! I had a bowl last night and I've aleady had two bowl-fuls today...yum! So today I went back and used the $10 coupon that had printed out to buy 7 MORE boxes. That means I paid exactly $2.03 for 7 additional boxes. PLUS, to my surprise and delight, ANOTHER $10 COUPON PRINTED OUT! So I bought 7 MORE! It just keeps going and going! My pantry is getting stocked up and I'm happy because I love this cereal!


jaci said...

what a steal! I will have to go down there today -- I LOVE cereal and we go through it fast! Thanks for sharing the news.

Team Hanni said...

That is a deal!!! I hope I'm not to late.... Thanks Jo!